The Word "Israel" and the Scriptures

Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade
(an assembly of True Israel of the Diaspora)

The word 'Israel' and the Scriptures

Israel (Yisrael) the Basics

The name means to strive, to overcome, then rule with El, given to Jacob (Ya'aqob) as a new name when he strove, overcame with El, Gen. 32:28. Originally the name was given to the Nation which came from the 12 sons of Ya'aqob. But, after the division of the Kingdom, the name came to refer to the Northern Kingdom, while the Southern Kingdom was known as Yahuda. The term Israel can refer to the 12 tribes as a whole, or to the Northern 10 tribes. After the captivity and during the Diaspora, i.e. during the migration North into Europe, the Scriptures referred to Israel as the 'Lost Tribes'.

The State known as Israel today, or the people, who call themselves Jews, have nothing in common with 'Israel' of the Scriptures, except for the historical territory, (of the land) that it is occupying. True Israel remains dispersed among the nations, and is Biblically considered 'lost'. The people occupying the land area called Israel, for the most part, are not comprised of Israelites (descendants of Jacob), but are mostly Jews and some Edomites (the Zionists), along with Palestinians. Strangely enough, in a unique twist, the name of the territory of the historical enemies of the Israelites, has become one familiar title (Palestine), for all of what was at one time known as the 'Holy' Land. The word Palestine is a derivative from the word Philistine, who were historical enemies of Israel.

Present day Israelites of the Diaspora are an independent historical "Caucasian" people group, comprised of all the 12 tribes of True Israel, of the Diaspora, and are living among the nations. The Jutes, Danes, Saxons, Angles, Vikings, Celts, and Normans are the Assembly, and the True Israel of the Diaspora. Most Jews (95%) are not a part of Israel, but a 'religious sub-grouping mixture' of people of various nationalities. See also the 'word' Jew.

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