True Scriptural Israel (Yisrael)

by the Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade

True Israelites (Yisraelites), are the people formed from the many millions of physical descendants of Jacob/Israel now living in, and scattered throughout, all the Nations of the globe today.(See the Document, ‘the name Israel’). True Israelites are not Jews or Jewish and their religion has never been Jew-dah-ism (the Anti-Christian, Anti-Messiah religion of the Jews). They are traditional ‘Historical’ Believers; descendants of the first Israelites who were first to be called Christians (followers of Messiah). Their ancestors (the 10 Lost Tribes of Yisrael) received the ‘Good News’ gospel of the coming of the Messiah from the Apostles during 33-69 CE (see Acts 2). These Israelites (of the Northern Kingdom) were exiled from Palestine into Assyria about 745-722 BCE under King Shalmaneser V, eventually becoming a large population, and migrating over the Caucasus Mountains into Western Europe. These Israelites subsequently become and formed the people of the great Western European, Scandinavian, and British Caucasian Christian Nations.

The Southern Kingdom of Yahudah, the Yahudim (also Israelites), were exiled from the area of Palestine some 200 years later, beginning about 600 BCE by King Nebuchadnezzer and deported into Babylon. Most of them also subsequently migrated from there into the Western European Nations joining and combining with the other 10 tribes of Israel several hundred years later. This migration was fully completed about 70 AD. The two branches of people again becoming one dispersed nation of brothers.

As a whole, the people who form ‘True Israel’ (which includes the ‘Yahudim’) have never returned to the area of Palestine from our exile because Israel as a people, have far out-grown the ‘Holy Land’ borders several thousands of years ago. According to the Hebrew Scriptures, the Israelites of the Scriptures will never again return to the Middle East, because they have become such a huge population of people. Physically, the area called Palestine would be unable to support the vast number of people who descend from True Israel.

Of the estimated five to six million Israelites that were exiled from Palestine, (less then 50,000) ever returned under Nehemiah from their Babylonian captivity. This was as prophesied, in order to begin the re-building of the destroyed Second Temple and the city of Jerusalem (Yerushalayim). This began about 537 BCE. From this small group of returned exiled Israelites the Messiah Yahshua (who some call Jesus) was born. True Israelites accept Yahshua as their promised kinsman Messiah, Redeemer of Israel, as prophesied in the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures, and also as witnessed by their brothers as recorded in the history of the Greek Scriptures. The birth of Christianity, the Religion and faith of True Israel, began soon after Messiah's death-and-resurrection as was confirmed and recorded in the historical Greek Scriptures (Acts 2).

It is important to understand, that ‘Christianity’ is the only religion and the belief of ‘True Israelites.’ Israelites do not adhere to the religion called Jew-dah-ism. Jew-dah-ism is the religion of Jews, but not of Israelites. Jew-dah-ism is a religion, which was fabricated from ‘various miss-interpretations’ of the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures by Jewish (non-Yisraelite) Rabbis. The Religion of Jew-dah-ism is also mixed with the writings of the Babylonian Talmud (a hum-bo-jum-bo mixture of opinions and pagan (non-scriptural) statutes, rules, and regulations. Modern Jew-dah-ism is a religion which originated about 1,000 CE, and is traced to Rabbenu Gershon of Mainz Germany (the founder) through the publishing of his halachic creativity (creative interpretation of Old Covenant laws). This is also conformed by the Jewish ‘Jerusalem Post.’ Jew-dah-ism as a worship system has nothing to do with the Hebrew, the Aramaic, or the Greek Scriptures. (See the Document History of the Jews)

Modern Jew-dah-ism has no similarities to the religious system of worship of the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures. It is not the system of worship practiced by the Yahudim (of the southern Kingdom) or by Israel (of the Northern Kingdom). It is not the religious system of worship which was practiced before the division of the Kingdoms. It is also not by the system of Worship practiced by Israelites in the 40 years before the Christian era.

Even during the life of Yahshua the Messiah, Yahudaism of that time had became a corrupted ‘ritualistic’ system of sacrificial worship. It was completely destroyed through the destruction of the city of Jerusalem, and the third temple by the Roman military in 70 CE. This was as prophesied by Yahshua Messiah in Matt. 24. The Roman Army was used to destroy this corrupt system through the figurative ‘Second Coming’ of the Messiah Yahshua. This figurative ‘Second Coming’ was for judgment on the city, and on the un-believing Yahudim, and those other Yudeans (other nationalities remaining in the city), including the Edomites, and the Edomite Temple. The prophesy of Yahshua (about his figurative Second Coming) and the ‘then coming’ destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem began a minor and final Diaspora (scattering) of True Israel into Europe, by the Israelites (Christians) who believed on the prophesy of Messiah. They all left the city before its complete destruction. This exodus occurred during 32-68 CE, just before the complete destruction of the corrupt religious system worship (in 70 CE).

Christianity has now completely replaced Yahudaism as the religion of believing ‘True Israel.’ The Yudeans (all the residents) of Jerusalem, who did not listen or heed to the prophecy of the Messiah's warning of the coming destruction, were not delivered (saved). Most died in the city through starvation, killed themselves, where killed by the Roman's, or were taken into Rome for Roman ‘sporting activities’ after the conquest.

The people in the present State called Israel, i.e. the Israeli-Israelis, Zionist Jews, and all those who call themselves Jews; who practice the religion called Jew-dah-ism, are not the ‘True Israelites of Scripture’ and are not descendants of Jacob/Israel. They are not a Semitic people. Most are a people of Turkish-Khazar-Ashkenazi-Gomer-Japhetic descent (Gen. 10:1-4). This is why most Jews call themselves Ashkenazi Jews. Many other Jews are called Jews simply because they practice a religion called Jew-dah-ism. (See the Document Jews are Khazars) True Israelites are Christian people and can be found as the people who formed the Western European, Scandinavian, and British Caucasian Christian Nations. They are also found among the Christians of the Nations of the globe. They are still known as the lost tribes of Israel, because they are no longer a unified Nation with specific borders. True Israelites are also known as Christians, although not all who accept Christianity are physical Israelites. True Israelites are never Jews, and have never been Jewish. True Israelites never practice the cultic religious system of the Jews called Jew-dah-ism. True Israelites are always of the Caucasian white Semitic Adamic race. Yet, There are still many who are of True Israel, i.e. descendants of Ya’aqob/Yisrael, that may not yet be Christians (believers in Yahshua the Messiah, the Redeemer and King of True Israel).

There are no passages in the Ancient Hebrew or in the Greek Scriptures, which predict, or support the creation of the Modern Jewish State of Israel, and the re-building of a new ‘third’ temple. The Roman destroyed Edomite Temple was the third and final physical Temple. In fact, the present Modern Jewish State of Israel is not a part the Scriptures, and has no part in any present or future ‘coming Prophesy’ (contrary to the popular belief of many ignorant Modern Christians).(See the Document Right to Palestine) Yahweh Elohim (G_d) now dwells in the Tabernacle of the bodies of the Assembly of True Israel, i.e. the physical bodies of believers. There will never again be a physical Temple of stone and wood, as there was during the days of the Old Covenant sacrificial worship system.

An important thought, It is also very likely that you, who are reading this, could also be a physical descendant of the Family of True Israel. If you are an Adamic Caucasian (of the white race) of Western European, Scandinavian, or British descent, and you and your family adhere to the Christian faith, you are most likely of True Israel. True Israelites, of all the (12) tribes are now fully dispersed among all the nations of the globe, and the people today number in the hundreds of millions. Truly, 'True Israel' is 'A nation among all the Nations.'

The Jewish State of Israel, and the right of Jews to live in Palestine is not based on the hypothetical physical origins of the Jewish people (because they are not of (Jacob/Israel) (See the Document the word 'Jew') It is not based on the covenant of Abraham with Yahweh (G-d). The right of the Jewish State called Israel to exist is based only on international law -- i.e., on the United Nations' decision in 1947 to partition Palestine, previously a Turkish province, then a British Mandated Territory, into an Arab and a Jewish State. This world (U.N.) action displaced the then inhabitants of Palestine, the Palestinians, and gave a large portion of the land they were dwelling in, to a new people group called Jews (Khazar-Turks) who have no historical claim to the land, except that it was at one time under the control of the Turks, as it had been under the control of many other people groups thousands of years before. The word Palestine is synonymous with the Scriptural word Philistia, of the historical people living in this land before Israel captured it under Joshua in around 1440 BCE, who were mostly Philistians, (people of Philistia). A Palestinian (or Philistian), is a resident or inhabitant of Palestine (Philistia). Only the current Palestinians have a physical claim to the land of Palestine. As a people, they bear the name of their historic land. Jews have no historical physical claim to the land what-so-ever, and did not even exist as a religious group until about 1000 CE. True Israelites no longer have an historical claim to the land either, as 'True Israel' was prophesied never to return to Palestine, and will remain dispersed among the Nations. True Israel has become the un-numberable (hundreds of millions) descendants, and the Nation (within the Nations) that was promised to Abraham by Yahweh.

See the Important Document Could you be and Israelite and not know it?

Note: Even today, the people who call themselves Jews only number about 13 million world wide. Israel, however, cannot be numbered as promised by Yahweh to Abraham!

Presented for aletheia, by the Assembly of YAHWEH, Cascade
A.O.Y., Cascade, P.O. Box 695 Kettle Falls, Washington, 99141

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