The 1000 year History ..of the Jews

There is a lot of confusion on who is, or what is a Jew. Who are Ashkenazi Jews, or Sephardic Jews? What is Judaism, Yehudaism, Jew-dah-ism, or Jewism? Our document Words and Terms in the Scriptures explains the difference between many of these confusing terms. The following brief History of the Jews, establishes the basic events which have occurred throughout their 1000 year History. Contrary to popular belief, Jews did not exist during Bible time, but are people adhering to a Religious sect dating about the year 1000 AD. The following excerpts were compiled by the "Jerusalem Post", a news group located in Israel. We have assumed their information to be dependable, however, we have not verified all the events, or the dates they establish. The information is accurately reproduced to the best of our knowledge.

Contrary to popular belief, most Jews are not descendants of the tribes of Scriptural Yisrael (Israel), and they are not for the most, descendants of "Yahudah", one of the 12 tribes of "Yisrael". Over 95 percent of the Jews of today are a mongrel Amalgamated people, from many diverse nationalities, and from many ethnic race origins, who have in common their religion of "Jew-dah-ism".

Jew (a Definition from Jewish sources)

Jew - an individual who is a member of the Jewish People. See also: The word Jew

The Question of "Who is a Jew?" has arisen with particular urgency today, especially in the modern State of Israel. This is because of intense pressure from the Movements of Reform and Conservative Jewry, who feel that they have been excluded or, more precisely, that Conversions performed by their Rabbis have not been recognized by Israeli authorities. Another major factor is the immigration of hundreds of thousands of individuals from the former Soviet Union, many of whom claim that they are Jews and who were in fact persecuted in their homeland because of that identification, but who may not, according to the Halachic definition (a definition according to Jewish Law) given below, be Jewish.

According to strict Halachah, the answer to the question is clear. A Jew is someone who either … is a child of a Jewish mother or is a Convert to Judaism who, after a period of serious and verified study of the Principles of the Faith and the Laws of Judaism, has done the following:

Accepted upon Himself or Herself the "Yolk of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Yolk of G-d's Commandments" Immersed Him or Herself in a Ritual Pool of Water known as a "Mikveh," symbolizing Rebirth If a male, has undergone the Process of "Brit Milah," Circumcision.


Thus Jew-dah-ism, is the religion of those who call themselves Jews, and Jews are those who follow the religion of Jew-dah-ism. Jews are not Christians, and most are anti-Christian. There is no such thing as a Messianic Jew. Although loosely based on Old Testament interpretations through halachic creativity, most of Jew-dah-ism was formed and fabricated by many individuals throughout "The 1000 year History of the Jews". The formation of religious cultic Jew-dah-ism becomes quite clear when you follow the following compilation by the "Jerusalem Post."

A summary of the 1000 Year History of the Ashkenazi Jews

1000 - Rabbenu Gershon of Mainz, Germany, publishes ban on bigamy. This marks the beginning of the Ashkenazi Jews*, and Franco-German halachic* creativity.
*Ashkenazi - European Jews
*halachic - interpretations of Old Testament laws

1025 - Samuel Hanagid becomes vizier of Granada. He is the first of the poets of the Golden Age of Spain, symbolic of both the political power and literary creativity of the Jews in Spain at the time.

1070 - Rashi founds academy in Troyes, composes commentaries on the Bible. His commentaries on the Babylonian Talmud are compiled after his death.

1096 - First Crusade - Mobs kill thousands of Jews in Mainz, Speyer, Worms, and Cologne. Many Jews die for Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of God's name), trying to defend themselves, or by taking their own lives.

1100-1300 - Germans, including German Jews, migrate to Poland. It is seen as "the Land of opportunity."

1120 - Jews from Moslem countries begin to settle in Byzantium*.
*Byzantium - Asia Minor, the Near East

1144 - Norwich, England, is the site of the first blood libel*.
*blood Libel - the idea that Jews killed Gentiles to use their blood in ceremonies

1166 - Moses Maimonides, one of the great Jewish philosophers and halachists of the millennium, settles in Cairo. He will compose a codification of the Talmud, the Mishne Torah, and articulate his philosophy in The guide to the Perplexed.

1182 - Jews are expelled from France.

1200 - (circa) - Permanent Jewish communities are established in Poland.

1211 - A group of 300 rabbis from France and England settle in Palestine (Eretz Yisrael), beginning what might be interpreted as Zionist aliya.

1286 - Rabbi Moses de Leon, a mystic living in Guadajar, Spain, finishes writing the Zohar, a kabbalistic, mystical and symbolic commentary on the Torah.

1290 - Jews are expelled from England.

1348 - Black Death reaches Europe and Jews are accused of poisoning Christian wells.

1391 - Anti-Jewish riots break out throughout Spain.

1473 - First two Hebrew presses are established in Italy. The first complete edition of the Soncino Bible is printed in Soncino, Italy, in 1488.

1492 - Jews are expelled from Spain. Many flee to Portugal, North Africa, and Turkey.

1496 - Jews are expelled from Portugal.

1516 - The first ghetto is established in Italy. Eretz Yisreal becomes part of the Ottoman Empire, increasing the movement of Jews from Spain and Portugal to the "Holy Land". Safed is an important center.

1524 - David Reuveni, a false Messiah who claims to be a messenger of the King of the Lost Tribes, arouses messianic hopes and seeks military alliance with the pope to conquer to "Holy Land".

1525 - Solomon Molcho, another false Messiah, also seeks to fight against the Turks and regain Palestine.

1555 - Rabbi Joseph Caro completes his codification of Jewish Law, the Shulhan Aruch.

1648 - The Chmielnicki Massacres cause large-scale migration of Jews to Germany and western Europe, but Jewish life flourishes in Poland and Lithuania.

1654 - Jews arrive in America.

1656 - Baruch Spinoza is excommunicated in Holland for his pantheistic view of God and for denying the divinity of the Bible.

1665 - Shabbetai Zevi (a False Messiah) messianic fervor sweeps across Europe.

1666 - Shabbetai Zevi converts to Islam.

1667 - Persecution of Jews begins in Yemen.

1700 - The aliya of Yehuda Hahassid to Eretz Yisrael is viewed as one of the religious precursors of Zionism.

1740 - Israel Ba'al Shem Tov, founder of Hassidism*, moves to Medzibezh, Podolia.
*Hassidism - extremely orthodox Jews.

1775 - Vilna rabbis, including the Vilna Gaon, put Hassidism under rabbinic ban.

1791 - The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the equality of all peoples, regardless of religion. The French General Assembly grants emancipation to all Jews.

1804 - The first modern yeshiva* is founded in Volozhin.
*yeshiva - school to study Jew-dah-ism.

1807 - The Sanhedrin, convened by Napoleon, declares Jew-dah-ism a religion rather than a nation.

1826 - Bezalel Stern establishes a modern Jewish school in Odessa which marks the beginning of Haskala* study of science and language.
*Haskala - the study of non-Jewish subjects

1839 - The entire Jew community of Meshed, Persia, is forced to convert to Islam.

1840 - Jews of Damascus are accused of blood libel. Jews from all over the world lobby for them. This marks the beginning of the secular international Jewish political activity.

1848 - Jews are granted equality in German states during the revolution of 1848. Although later rescinded, this marks the beginning of Jewish liberalism.

1852 - First Hebrew novel is published by Abraham Mapu.

1869 - Bismarck grants Jews German citizenship.

1871 - Samson Raphael Hirsch secedes from the Frankfurt Jewish community. This marks the split between Orthodox and Reform in Germany.

1881 - Pogroms* in Russia start, leading to the First Aliya.
*Pogrom - Government-sponsored persecution.

1881 - 1914 - There is a mass migration of European and Russian Jews to the US.

1896 - Theodor Herzl writes The Jewish State,which expounds his Zionist vision.

1896 - Cairo Geniza is rediscovered; the documents shed new light on the Jewish world in the medieval period.

1897 - The first Zionist Congress is held in Basel. The Bund, a pro-Yiddish Jewish socialist party, is established.

1903 - A pogrom in Kishinev, Bessarabia, sets off a chain of pogroms.

1904 - The Second Aliya, consisting of Russian Socialist Zionists, begins partly as a consequence of Kishinev pogroms.

1917 - The British government issues the Balfour Declaration, viewing with favor establishment of a national home for Jewish people.

1918 - Minorities' treaties grant Jews rights in the countries of Europe.

1921 - Arab riots kill 45 Jews in Jaffa. British suspend immigration of Jews to Palestine.

1922 - Jordan is created.

1929 - The Arabs of Hebron riot against the Jewish community.

1933 - Adolf Hitler gains power in Germany.

1936-1939 - Arabs riot all over Palestine.

1938 - Kristallnacht marks no future for Jews in Germany.

1939 - World War II breaks out. 1942 - The Final Solution is formally approved.

1945 - Concentration camps are liberated.

1947 - The United Nations recommends the partition of Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state.

1948 - The State of Israel is established. Yemenite Jewry is airlifted to Israel.

1953 - Stalin's doctor goes on trial in Russia.

1954 - The founding of the Conference of Major Jewish Organizations indicates a galvanization of the Jewish lobby in the US.

1956 - Suez War - Israel joins the French and British in an operation against Egypt to prevent fedayeen terrorism.

1961 - Adolf Eichmann, architect of the Final Solution, goes on trial in Israel.

1966 - S.Y. Agnon receives the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1967 - Six Day War is fought on Syrian, Egyptian, and Jordanian fronts. Victory reunites Jerusalem and gives Israel control over Palestinian territories in the West Bank.

Early 1970's - The War of Attrition leads to sporadic fighting on Syrian-Lebanese and Egyptian borders. There is also extensive terrorism, including hijacking and the massacre of children at Ma'alot.

1973 - Yom Kippur War - Syria and Egypt launch surprise attacks in the Golan Heights and Sinai, shocking Israel which had been complacent after the 1967 victory. The IDF* retaliates, but at great human cost.
*IDF - Israeli Defense Forces

1977 - Menachem Begin and his right-wing Likud party wrest power from the left-wing Labor Party.

1978 - Egyptian president Anwar Sadat comes to Jerusalem to begin the talks with Menachem Begin that will lead to a peace treaty and Israel's withdrawal from Sinai.

1982 - Israel launches Operation Peace for Galilee, the Lebanon war, to protect its northern border. Israel goes as far as encircling Beirut.

1989 - Perestroika is launched, marking the beginning of massive Soviet aliya.

1990 - The Gulf War breaks out and Israel is hit by missiles from Iraq.

1993 - The Oslo Accords are signed by Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

1995 - Right-wing extremist Yigal Amir assassinates prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The above dates were compiled by the Jerusalem Post.

Placed into Computer format by: AOYCascade. We have no way to confirm the accuracy of the dates that were provided by the Jerusalem Post.

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