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Those "who stay and peruse the documents linked to this page" may find themselves discovering Truth from Scripture never taught in many of the Modern Churches. Much of this Scriptural Truth is now considered "politically incorrect" and "off-limits" to most IRS 501-C3, tax exempt "State approved" Corporate Churches. We at the Assembly of YAHWEH, Cascade, have no such problems, and we will always teach 'Scriptural Truths' no matter how religiously or politically incorrect we may be accused of being! - A.O.Y., Cascade

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Yet all is of God, [Elohim] Who conciliates us to Himself, not reckoning their offenses to them, and placing in us the word of the conciliation. II Cor. 5:18-19. (The Sacred Scriptures, Concordant version)

Trustworthy is the word, and worthy of all acceptance. It is for this that we labour and struggle, because we trust in the living Elohim, who is the Saviour of all men, particularly of those who believe. Command and teach these matters. 1 Tim. 4:10. (The Scriptures)

Be honest now, is your Pastor presenting the 'word' of the 'Conciliation' from the pulpit??

"Hear the word of YAHWEH, you children of Israel, for YAHWEH has a case against the inhabitants of the land: "For there is no truth or kindness or knowledge of Elohim in the land...... "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being priest for Me. Since you have forgotten the Torah of your Elohim, I also forget your children." Hosea 4:1 and 6. (The Scriptures)

So, do you think knowledge and truth are important? Is your Pastor presenting 'knowledge' and 'truth' from the pulpit??

This letter t is a Pagan symbol of the god Tammuz!

Why have Christians adopted a pagan symbol? The words "cross" and "crucify" are mis-translations, a "later rendering," of the Greek words stauros and stauroo. According to Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words and other references, STAUROS denotes, primarily, an upright pole or stake. The shape of the two-beamed cross had its origin in ancient Chaldea, and was used as the symbol of the Phoenician diety Tammuz, a pagan god (being the first letter ' t ' of his name) see also Eze. 8:12-15 and Strong's #8542. In the third century AD, pagans were received into the apostate ecclesiastical system and were permitted to retain their pagan signs and symbols to increase Church membership.

The evidence is complete; the Messiah was put to death upon an upright stake, not on two pieces of timber placed at an angle. Believers in Messiah should not use, display, or adore the letter ' t ' which is the symbol of the pagan god Tammuz, but not a symbol of Yahshua, or of True Christianity.

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The conflict in Palestine Jews are not Israelites, why are they in Palestine?

The Jewish religion: its influence today! By Elizabeth Dilling (don't miss this).

The UN and the State 'called' Israel The saga of false Jewish propaganda.

Do Jews have any Historical right to Palestine? The answer is her is NO.

Institute for Historical review Liberation of WWII "Death Camps" Facts vs lies.

The Ashkenazi Jews are 'Khazar' Turkish descent. Find Jewish history here.

Visit the Khazar - Jew website from here The history of the Khazar Jew.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Jews want Universal World Control.

Modern Christianity: The Pharisees live Why do Christians refuse Bible truth?

Correct Words and Terms in Scripture Words and Terms, you must know.

Kol Nidrei A scheme, obsolving Jews from vows or oath made to non-Jews.

The Book of Esther, fiction or Scripture? Does this Novel belong in your Bible?

The word "Israel" and the Scriptures A correct understanding of True Israel.

The Diaspora explained Where are the Tribes of True Israel today?

The Christ, Whose Son is HE? Is Yahshua God the son, or the son of God?

Jesus was Not a Jew Why Jesus (Yahshua) was Not a Jew, or Jewish.

Is Jesus G_d?? The Scriptures are given here for a correct conclusion.

I am not a Person, an Individual, or a Human On words and definitions.

Praise YAHWEH our Elohim, our Redeemer, and Savior.

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