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Question - Statement - I am not an Arab, a Muslim, nor am I brown or black. I am a blond hair blue eye American, and by the scriptures, anthropology and archeology, the European "Jews" are not the Israelites, neither are they Jews... they are Rev 2:9 & 3:9 All the Israelites in the scriptures were brown / blacks from the Middle East. http://members.fortunecity.com/arabisraelites/u0000.htm

Answer - I am not going into great detail in providing our reply, but this should be enough for you to search out the information yourself. You error in your assumption. Israelites are not yellow, red, brown or black skinned people. "True Israelites are Adamic "rosy- white" skinned descendants from the 12 sons of Jacob, who was renamed Israel by Yahweh. Jacob descended from Isaac, who is of Abraham, who is of Terah, who is of Noah, who is of Adam.

Adam was "formed" by Yahweh about 4003 BC (Gen, 2:7). Adam in the Hebrew is the word "aw-dam" and means "to flush" or "turn rosy" (to show blood) in the face. The only races to do this, are those of the Adamic white, Caucasian race, and maybe some of those who have been mixed into other races, yet who remain with enough white Adamic blood, to be able to blush. Scripture states the King David of Israel was "ruddy" and fair. In other words, he was a flushing red faced tall white skinned youth, with red hair. The yellow, red, and black skinned races pre-date the Adamic people by many thousands of years, and were created during the many ages of Yahweh's creation time period.

During the migration of Israelites into Western Europe, many Israelites passed through the "Caucasus Mountains," thereafter others called them Caucasians. The reference to the word Caucasian has now come to be associated to all people of the white race, but it is now politically incorrect to use the "Caucasian" or "C" word, to refer to one's race.

Although all Israelites are of the white Adamic race, not all white Adamic people are Israelites. Only those whose descent is of Jacob, who is of Noah's son Shem, are Israelites. Israelites also include the people who descended of the tribe of the Yahuda, one of the 12 tribes descending from Jacob (those of the Southern Kingdom), some of which were also dispersed and migrated into Western Europe before the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem in AD 70. Both the Yahudi of the Old Southern Kingdom and Israel of the Old Northern Kingdom have now become one dispersed people of True Israel. The family groups, or tribes (Nations) forming Israel, have been scattered around the Globe and are not able to be numbered as was promised by Yahweh to Abraham, (Gen. 13:16).

You are correct, today's Jews are not Israelites; they are not of the Scriptural "Yahudi," and they are not Semites. But they are still "Jews" because they adhere to a religion called Jew-ism, or Jew-dah-ism. A Jew is not a Scriptural "Yahudi," a Jew is a Jew because he/she is named after his religion that is called Jew-ism, and nothing else. Just as a Christian is a Christian because his religion is Christianity, or an American is a person living in America. Jewism has nothing to do with the worship system of the Old Testament; the word "Jew" is not found in Scripture. The word Jew is an error in many English Bible translations. See our complete Document on this subject The Word Jew and Scriptures.

Finally, Israelites may well have had copper tanned skin during the time they were dwelling in the Middle East, and at times they still tan today, although the land and climate conditions were much different in those days, than it is today. Israelites are not, and were never of the yellow, red, brown, or black skinned races. Israelites migrated into Western Europe beginning about 1100 BC, as far as the British Islands; then, again a large migration of Israel began about 750 BC, then a migration of mostly of the Yahudi tribe occurred about 500 BC, and then a smaller mixed migration occurred about 68 AD, just before Rome destroyed and burned the Temple and the city of Jerusalem, along with many of the Edomites dwelling in the city during that time.

If you are as you describe, then you are of the Adamic race. You are obviously of the white race, and probably would be called a Caucasian. But, I don't know if you are an Israelite, since only you will know that for sure. The test for you is found in Hebrews 8:10-11. If you truly understand this passage, and it applies to you, and your heart and mind contains Yahweh's law, then you are also a True Israelite, for only Israelites have Yahweh's internal law. No other races of people have this unique identifying feature. All other races must be regulated and controlled by external civil laws, rules, regulations, and man made ordinances to maintain civility toward each other. Israelites can also be identified by their Paternal Family Name, and the Family Crest or Coat-of-Arms associated with their Paternal Family Name. The various tribes can many times be determined this way. We have much of this information available on our web-site, please continue to study it.

For aletheia (truth)
John William,
Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade

Presented for aletheia, by the Assembly of YAHWEH, Cascade
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