John Chapter 1:1-15, a Correct Translation

Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade
(an Assembly of True Israel, of the Diaspora)

An Accurate Translation (with comments) of John chapter 1: 1-15.

1 In [a] beginning was the Logic, and the Logic pertained to Elohim (G_d), and Elohim was the Logic. 2 This was in [a] beginning, [and] pertained to Elohim. 3 All things through it came into being and apart from it came into being not even one thing, which has come into being. 4 In it was life, and the life was the light of men; 5 and the light in the darkness shines, and the darkness does not overcome it.

6 There came a man, sent from Elohim, his name was John. 7 This man, came for a witness, that he might be testifying concerning the light, that all might be believing through it. 8 He was not the light, but that he might be testifying concerning the light. 9 The true light which enlightens every man was coming into the creation (world), 10 was in the creation, and the creation on account of him came to be, yet the creation did not perceive him. 11 With respect to what was his own, he came, and yet his own did not receive him. 12 But, to as many as received him, he gave to them authority, children of Elohim to become, (to those believing into his name); 13 who not from bloods; nor from a natural fleshly desire, not even out of [the] will of men, but out of Elohim were born.

14 And so, the Logic came into flesh, [a physical body] and tented [tabernacled] among us, and we gazed upon his esteem, (esteem as an only brought-forth from a father), full of charisma and truth. 15 John witnesses concerning him and yelled out saying: "This was of whom I said; he coming after me, before me has become; for compared to me, his position ranks foremost."

Commentary and Notes on John Chapter 1:1-15

Yahushua, or Yahshua (J_sus) was the true light, (the enlightenment) which came into the creation (or world). John the Baptist "came for a witness, that he might testify concerning the light." Note: John did not come to testify concerning the Logic, because the Logic (Logos), the 'oral expression' pertains to Elohim (YAHUWEH), Jn 1:1.

1. Logic is defined as 'speech, expression, reasoning', summarized as 'The oral expression, Logic' pertaining to YAHUWEH. The Logic was existing "In [a] beginning" (Jn 1:1-2). The Logic pertains (or belongs) to YAHUWEH. YAHUWEH is our Father Creator, whose Hebrew name is YAH, YHWH, or YHVH and transliterated in English as YAHUWEH, or YAHWEH. The English word 'logic' comes from the Greek word 'logos' (the o's in logos are pronounced as "aw" in "law". For definitions,(See Webster's Dictionary of the English Language 1888, and others). Therefore, if 'one word' is to be used to correctly translate the Greek word 'logos', it should be the English word logic. Alternatively, the words 'oral expression', would also closely convey the original meaning of the Greek word 'logos'. The English word 'word' no longer properly conveys the Greek meaning of the word 'logos', because it has developed into many extraneous unrelated uses.

2. "All things through it came into being, and apart from it came into being not even one thing, which had come into being." 'It' refers to the Logic pertaining to The Father Creator Spirit YAHUWEH (Jn 1:2). Note: It is important to understand, that Scripture teaches us that The Father Creator YAHUWEH is Spirit (Jn 4:24).

3. Life exists within the Logic, 'speech, oral expression, reasoning', pertaining to YAHUWEH (Jn 1:4). "For as the Father possesses life in Himself, so He gave to the Son to possess life in himself" (Jn 5:26). The enlightenment, revelation, knowledge, shining 'through' the person of the Son Yahushua (2 Cor. 4:6) becomes the source of 'eternal life', and YAWUWEH's revelation to men (Jn 6:40). Also, "to as many as received him, he gave to them authority children of YAHUWEH to become, (to those believing into his name)" (Jn 1:12). The Son had a Hebrew name (Acts 26:14-15), Yahushua, which means YAH is Savior, from the Hebrew 'YAH + Hushua'. J_esus is not the name of the Son. Those receiving son-ship (Rom. 8:9,14) in like manner become an enlightenment to others and reflect the logic, light, revelation, knowledge, received 'through' their redeemer Yahushua (1 Jn 4:14-15). This revelation continues until "the day when YAHUWEH shall judge the secrets of men through Yahushua, Messiah" (Rom. 2:16).

4. The Logic, 'speech, oral expression, reasoning' of the Father Creator Spirit YAHUWEH fully filled the physical body of Yahushua when it came upon his body at the time of his baptism. "and he saw the Spirit of YAHUWEH descending like a dove and coming upon him" (Matt. 3:16). Note: This Spirit is not the third person of a pagan Trinity, but was the indwelling power of the only Father Creator 'Spirit' YAHUWEH.

5. When the body of Yahushua was fully filled with the Logic of the Spirit of YAHUWEH at his baptism, He became the new physical earthly tent (second tabernacle, not Temple) on earth for YAHUWEH. Note: The Greek word 'eskaynosen', translated tabernacle, means 'skinned tent'. This was the beginning of the promised New Covenant (Contract); a replacement of the Old Covenant (Contract); and the beginning of the end of cultic Judaism. Judgement was fully completed by Yahushua at his Second Coming (nearness) in 70 AD (Mk 13:26). It resulted in the complete and final destruction of Jerusalem (civil system), along with the physical Temple (religious system). This was allegorically referred to in 'those days', as 'the end of the world'. Present day physical Jerusalem or the 'State' of Israel is no longer in prophecy.

6. When the Spirit of YAHUWEH, came upon the physical body of Yahushua at the occasion of his baptism from John, (Matt. 3:16), he received of the Logic, 'speech, oral expression, reasoning' of YAHUWEH. The Spirit of YAHUWEH entered Yahushua (2 Cor. 5:19), and Yahushua became the Messiah (the Anointed) of Israel. This was the beginning of the temptation of Messiah (Matt. 4:1; 2 Sam. 7:13), followed by his miraculous power. Thus the Spirit of YAHUWEH came into the body of the Son (Jn 1:14), at his Baptism. From that point on, Yahushua did nothing of Himself, but only reflected the will of the Father YAHUWEH, living within his physical body (skinned tent). "Truly, truly, I say unto you, the Son is able to do nothing at all by Himself, but only that which He sees the Father doing, because whatever He does, the Son also likewise does" (Jn. 5:19; 8:27-29).

7. Only 'through' Yahushua's body were men able to gaze upon the esteem of the Father Creator Spirit YAHUWEH (2 Cor. 4:6; Jn. 4:24), for no man has seen YAHUWEH at any time, nor can see Him (Jn. 1:18; 1 Tim 6:16). Through the 'faith' (Phil 3:9) of Yahushua our Messiah Redeemer, the message of restoration to the lost sheep of Israel (Matt. 15:24), as received by Yahushua from the Logic given him by YAHUWEH, is made known (Jn. 5:19; 30). The same message of restoration, 'the logic', is now committed to Israelite believers as envoys on behalf of Messiah, "and has committed to us 'the logic' of restoration to favor" (2 Cor. 5:19).

Praise YAHUWEH our Elohim, and Yahushua His Son, our Lord, our Redeemer, King of Israel, for committing to us the 'logic' of YAHUWEH's restoration to favor. May we (Israel) be envoys of Yahushua, worthy of His praise! (2 Cor. 5:20).

The Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade.

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