You probably think that the title for this article is silly because you believe you have Yahshua's (Jesus') Bible already. Well, you don’t! You are not reading the same Bible (Scriptures) in your church that was read in the churches and synagogues of the first century.
Question: Which Bible should be used as the ultimate authority for modern Christianity?
Question: Do you believe that the Religious Belief System of every Christian should be as close as possible to the Religious Belief System of Yahshua Messiah (commonly known as Jesus the Christ)?
Question: Can you agree with that statement?
Question: Wouldn't it be absolutely insane for a Christian to have a Religious Belief System that was not only in opposition to, but also an insult to that which Yahshua (Jesus) believed and taught?
I ask you as a Christian to face reality as it is laid open to you and make whatever changes are necessary that Yahweh (God) would have you do so. Let's us examine these important issues.
The first step in assuring ourselves that we have the same Religious Belief System of Yahshua is to agree as to what was the same Bible Yahshua used as the authority for his beliefs. The Bible of the Israelite descendants of the Tribe of Yahudah in the first century AD consisted of 12-20 scrolls of varying lengths. None of these scrolls contained the writings that are now in the Roman Catholic "Greek New Testament."
Question: Why did the writers of the Gospels decide to wait so many years to record the words of Yahshua?
Question: Even more important, were Yahshua's words not considered on the same level as the Hebrew Scriptures (commonly known as the "Old Testament Scripture" at that time?
Question: If his words had been, then why were they not recorded immediately by his followers?
It might surprise you, but it would be almost another fifteen years or so before Paul/Saul the Pharisee would write his first epistle. That means he began to write about 50-55 AD, which is well after the death of Yahshua.
Question: What did the new fledgling Messianic Communities use for their Bibles during this time period, when there was no Greek New Testament Bible?
Question: What Bible did the Apostles carry with them, as they went into "all the world" to preach the Gospel (the Good News)?
The Early Christian Church (followers of Messiah) had no New Testament. Many scholars believe that it was almost 50-60 years after Paul's epistles were in circulation that the authors of Matthew, Luke and Mark decided to write their Gospels. This would be after the Romans destroyed the Third Temple. Again, this might surprise you, but it would be another 70 years before anyone would decide that a collection of writings from the Messianic Community should be gathered together as a rival authority for Israel's Tanakh (the Hebrew Scriptures). Marcion a wealthy Greek heretic would combine (most probably) the Gospel of Luke with some of Paul's writings that would eventually become the replacement for Yahshua's Bible. We now have a new Canon (a standard) and authority that would eventually replace the authority of Yahshua's Bible for the developing Messianic Community.
It is a documented fact that a religion cannot exist without a revelation. The Bible is a book that contains many "revelations" which are authoritative for a religious community. There are many religious communities, so there are many Bibles. It is through revelation that a religious community develops its understanding of a particular god and his requirements for man.
Yet, man is limited in his knowledge of the Almighty Sovereign Creator Yahweh (G-d), and it is by the vehicle of revelations that man received knowledge of Yahweh that is outside of his natural ability to know or discern. The major obstacle confronting man in his search for Yahweh (Israel’s Mighty One), is that the reality of Yahweh is beyond discernment through man's senses. Man's knowledge is limited to the information that he receives from his sensory organs: hear, taste, touch, feel, and see. But when we talk of the supernatural realm and not the natural realm, then everything changes. Man does not have the capability to penetrate into Yahweh's dimension at will. For this reason, many men will attempt to develop their own god, based upon their own fabrications and understanding.
What we know of Yahweh (Israel’s Mighty One) is simply because Yahweh desired to reveal it to Israel. We must wait for Yahweh to enter into our dimension and show Himself first. Since it is Yahweh, and not man, who determines when and where and how and to whom contact is to be made with His creation, our knowledge about Yahweh is limited to the information that Yahweh chooses to reveal about Himself. After Yahweh makes contact with the natural realm by His messengers, and imparts His message to us, the resultant message is called a "revelation." The accumulation of "revelations" over time becomes the cornerstone of what a community or groups of people come to understand about Yahweh. Such a group of revelations is called the community's "Canon" or "standard." It is our opinion that today we receive no new revelations from Yahweh only illumination from His Spirit Being concerning His past revelations.
It is easy to see that the Canon of such a community becomes the most important document they may possess, and it is cherished as the ultimate authority for the community religious beliefs. Given enough time, teachings and interpretations, the "received revelations" will accumulate around one's Canon. It is from these interpretations and teachings that the community will gradually build and produce its "Religious Belief System." This simple process can be explained as follows:
  1. Man gets a revelation.
  2. Men Canonize (standardize) the revelation and it becomes their "Bible."
  3. Their "Bible" in turn becomes the authority for their Religious Belief System of the community.
  4. Their Religious Belief System now becomes the "Standard" of measurement for all other religious data, information and practice of the religion of the community.
  5. The Canon becomes the authority to judge and correct all other Canons and all other religious beliefs (regardless of whether it is right or wrong, true or false).
The newly formed Religious Belief System (as seen in our Canons and Bibles) quickly becomes the standard which was to be used exclusively to test and evaluate all other religious beliefs. If statements agree with their "Standard" they are considered right and true. If they conflict or disagree with the "Standard" they are considered wrong and false. There is only one major problem:
Question: Who determined the Standard?
Unfortunately since the death and resurrection of Yahshua the Roman Catholic Church has for the most part determined the "Standard" of Christianity to be used in evaluating revelation, both past and present. Little consideration is given to Yahshua and his teachings as the true "Standard." Few seem to realize that in reality Yahshua is the "Standard" and his Religious Belief System (his teachings and interpretations) which happen to be that of historical "Israelism" found only in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Scriptures) make for the correct Canon and the true Bible, both yesterday and today!
We can easily see that a new "Standard" becomes a potential source of enormous power for those who control it (as newly organized religions). Priests, preachers, ministers, translators, evangelists, rabbis, etc. have used such "Standards" to control and manipulate people to do their organization's bidding, even if it may not be Yahweh's.
Often such "Standards" are challenged in one or more of the following methods:
  1. Reinterpretation of the words in the Canon into other meanings by translations which change the revelation.
  2. Often words are added or deleted from the Canon. This may change the whole meaning.
  3. Often one will come up with a "new revelation" to correct a prior revelation error.
  4. The physical destruction of a competitive Canon.
  5. Often we see a combination of the above four.
History will give the details concerning how the above four methods of challenging, eventually replaced the Canon (the previous authoritative Religious Belief System of Israel found only in the Tanakh). It is true that "Israelism" (the Messianic belief system of Israel) serves as the foundation for the move by Yahweh at Pentecost, that is, the Spirit of Yahweh bringing all of Israel (the dispersion) both of Yahudah and of Israel together in one body (the last Tabernacle) through His Messiah. However, it is a false belief system that now begins to amalgamate both Israelites and non-Israelites into one new religious system. This new religious system will, in the span of three hundred years, become a Hellenized (Greek influenced - Roman) Religious Belief System which would begin to serve as the replacement foundation for the Assembly-Ekklesia (called-out-ones of Yahshua). This false counterfeit "Greek influenced" replacement Roman system of Christianity remains in existence today as the Canon (Bible) for most of Modern Christianity.
As we look at Yahshua's Canon (Hebrew Scriptures), we must examine its foundation through the study of history, culture, and language. Yahshua did not come to create a new religion. Yet we have received one. In fact, we have thousands of different sects of Christianity, over 1500, all claiming "authority" by his name. Let us examine some undeniable facts that will go a long way in proving this point:
  1. Yahshua was an Israelite of the tribe of Yahudah from his birth until his last day upon the earth.
  2. Yahshua was a Hebrew Rabbi (a teacher).
  3. Yahshua's only Canon was based upon "Israelism," found in the Tanakh: Law-Prophets-Writings of the Hebrew Scriptures.
  4. Yahshua never renounced "Israelism;" he did not join or create another, nor form a new religion. To do so would have been a great sin.
  5. Yahshua was never a Christian.
  6. Yahshua adhered to the Festivals established by Yahweh in the Tanakh.
  7. Yahshua adhered to the Sabbath, and kept it as it was originally designed to do.
  8. Yahshua's Apostles were Israelites, they never renounced their "Hebrew roots."
  9. Yahshua's Apostles required converts to adhere to all of the applicable Israelite Commandments.
  10. The Canon of the Apostles was the same Canon that Yahshua used.
  11. The Apostles did not see the need to make any changes in the Israelite Canon even after Yahshua's death.
Today we have several Canons or Basic "Bibles" groupings that are in existence: Jewish, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and the "other." Each Bible grouping consists of a group of books, which have been selected as authoritative, and have become a "canon" by the various the powers that be. The books that are found in these Bibles, whether Jewish, Roman Catholic, Protestant, or "other" fall into several categories:
  1. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek books canonized by those with Jewish appointed authority.
  2. This grouping eliminates everything from the Current era (no New Testament Greek writings), but adds other pagan derived sources such as the Talmud and the Kaballa.
  3. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek books canonized by those with Roman Catholic appointed authority.
  4. This Grouping adds to the 9 Hebrew books, and add selected Current era (New Testament Greek writings).
  5. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek books Canonized by those with Protestant appointed authority.
  6. This grouping accepts the traditional Hebrew writings, and also accepts the Roman Catholic selected New Testament Greek writings.
  7. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek books canonized by those with various "others."
  8. This grouping accepts the writings from the above others, but also adds a lot more Current era writings that are not recognized by anyone other than those of their own private authorities (Mormons, for example).
  9. The "of" the "other" category, are those that accept some of the Hebrew, Aramaic books as authoritative, recognize the prophet Yahshua (Jesus) of this Current age, but also add their own prophet and books to their canon (example, Islam).
From this you can quickly see that there are several authorities that are recognized today: Jewish, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and others.
Question: Which does Yahweh stand behind?
Question: Does He condone all three, or reject all three?
Question: If so, how do we account for the differences, conflicts, and contradictions between them?
Question: If Yahweh is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, why can't He keep things straight, or it maybe……..that these systems of belief cannot keep things straight?
The Israelite Canon has existed for over 2900 years. This is the Bible Yahshua used! It is called the "Tanakh" and consists of three major groups, which consisting of 38 or 39 books, depending on viewpoint.

The word Tanakh (also Tanach, or Tenak) is an acronym that identifies the Hebrew Scriptures (without the Greek New Testament writings). The acronym is based on the initial Hebrew letters of each of the Hebrew text's three parts:

  1. The Torah‎ meaning "Instruction". Also called the: "The five"; "The five books of Moses." Also called the "Pentateuch." The Torah is often referred to as the law.
  2. The Nevim‎ meaning "Prophets." This term is associated with anything to do with the prophets.
  3. The Ketuvim‎ meaning "Writings" or "Hagiographa.

All these spell "T a N a K h" which is a reference (acronym) in Hebrew to the Hebrew Scriptures

1). Torah: (Law): Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.
2). Nevi'im (Prophets): Joshua, Judges, I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.
3). Ketuvim (Writings): Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ruth, (not Esther) Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, Daniel, Nehemiah, and I and II Chronicles.
It is important to note that the Israelite Religious Belief System gives different levels of authority to each of these three divisions. The Torah is the most authoritative, followed by the Nevi'im (Prophets) which are followed by the Ketuvim (Writings). Whenever there are two possible courses of action for a particular situation and one is found in the Torah and the other in one of the lesser two divisions, the one in the Torah is considered as the most authoritative. The Torah is the focus of the Tanakh, the complete Bible of Israel.
Marcion is the name of the first person known to us who published a fixed collection of what would in time be called the Greek New Testament books. Others may have done so before him, but if so, we have no knowledge of them. Marcion rejected the Tanakh totally, as having no relevance or authority for the new Christian Cult. His collection was therefore designed to be the "first Bible." We wonder what Yahshua would have thought of Marcion's endeavors since Marcion threw out the very Bible Yahshua used. It is amazing that before Marcion we find no evidence of the "Assembly - Ecclesia" using or even having a need for any new writings other than the Israelite Bible used by Yahshua. Think about that for a minute. The Messianic community after Yahshua's execution did not have a need for a new Canon for over 110 years.
Question: How did they manage to do that?
To counteract the authority of Marcion and his proposed "new" Canon, the proto-Roman Catholic Church (in its infancy) responded with a Canon of their own to validate their own Religious Belief System and to refute Marcion's Religious Belief System. The Roman Catholic Canon consisted of two major divisions, which contained 75 books instead of the original 38-39 of Yahshua's Bible. Notice very carefully that those who were in charge of creating the Roman Catholic Canon chose to alter the Bible of Yahshua, and add to it, thereby violating Yahweh's law.
  1. They destroyed the primary authority of the Torah by lumping all the books of Yahshua's Bible into one group which was then given the title of "Old Testament," thus signifying that Yahweh was giving something "new" to replace the "old."
  2. They rearranged the order of the books of Yahshua's Bible.
  3. They added nine new books to the books of Yahshua's Bible: Tobit, Judith, I and II Maccabees, The Book of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, Susanna, and Bel and the Dragon.
  4. And, as stated before, they renamed Yahshua's Bible "The Old Testament."
  5. They created an entirely new division of Canonical books which they called "The Greek New Testament" conveniently replacing the Bible Yahshua used with the Bible that the Popes have approved.
Question: Who gave the Roman Catholic Church the right to decide what books should be added to Yahshua' Bible?
Question: Did they benefit from making such changes to Yahshua's Bible?
Question: Who decided which books were to be added or deleted, and on what evidence?
Question: Was their Religious Belief System the same as Yahshua's, or was it adulterated and changed?
Question: Why was there a need for new books anyway, what was the purpose?
Question: Could Yahshua's disciples adequately preach "deliverance" using Yahshua's Bible? Well, it appears that somehow they managed to do so!
Question: Why was it necessary to rename Yahshua's Bible the "Old" Bible? Why call the added books the "New" Bible?
Question: What was the rationale behind forming a new Canon under this "New" Bible?
Question: Ask yourself why there was a need for Marcion or the Roman Catholic Church to create a new Canon?
Remember, a Canon gives a group authority for their revelations and sanctions whatever they wish to do. How else could you "replace" something with something else unless you have been given the authority to do so?
Question: And what gave them the authority?
You guessed it, "a new revelation." It would be this "new revelation," based upon the old revelation, that was to be added to, deleted, changed, and reinterpreted into the replacement Canon of the Roman Catholic Church. This would give them power and authority to replace the religion of Yahshua with the religion of Jeroboam (which Yahweh hates). It is this religion of Jerobaom that has come down to us today as a mixture of Gentile Paganism and "Israelism."
Yahshua most assuredly taught that the Israelite Bible was his Bible, and that the words of that Bible should not be changed (Matt. 5:17). Read it for yourself! From the time of Yahshua's crucifixion, around 33 CE (AD) through the lifetime of the last Apostle (John about 68 CE), Yahshua's followers and disciples continued to use the Israelite Bible as their Canon. This continued for another 44 years until approximately 140 CE when Marcion went about to set in motion the conditions for replacing the religion of Yahshua with a new religion for non-Israelite pagans.
Marcion desired to complete the work of Paul/Saul by divorcing the emerging non-Israelite Church (proto-Roman Catholic Church) from "Israelism" the religion of Yahshua. Think about this for a was the Roman Catholic Church that should be built "upon" the teachings of Yahshua, replacing Yahshua's foundations of "Israelism" with non-Israelite paganism. Marcion's attempt to replace Yahshua's belief system was the first known attempt of the proto-Roman Catholic Church as a fully non-Israelite paganized institution to create a Canon to replace the Israelite Bible and the Israelite Assembly - Ecclesia. This new Canon, as stated above, eliminated most all of Yahshua's Bible. Marcion's Canon included only Paul's epistles and selected portions of Luke's Gospel. Marcion was in the middle of a growing anti-Israelism movement that was sweeping through the Roman Empire in the second century, and continues to this day.
Although the Roman Catholic Church rejected Marcion's Canon, they quickly adopted the idea of forming their own Canon. They decided to draft their own Canon to help support and give authority to their further separation as a non-Israelite organization, separating even further from the Hebrew Roots and the belief system of Yahshua. If they were to stand apart as a replacement faith and avoid the persecutions coming upon Israelism by Rome, then they had to show that they had the authority to do so, and what could be better authority for such a "revelation" but a new Canon. Around 180 CE, forty years after Marcion and 150 years after Yahshua, we see the emergence of a new Canon for the Roman Catholic Church.
Thus began an ongoing struggle that would last over 1000 years over which books should be included in the new Roman Catholic Canon. There were at least 19 additional writings that the Roman Catholic leadership refused to include. Thomas was one of the original 12 Apostles whose Gospel of Thomas was accepted by some and was rejected by others. A book entitled Third Corinthians appeared in an early Armenian Canon. By the year 200 CE numerous new Canons were in use. Some were fairly well defined, while others were much more informal. What we find upon examination is that each Canon which was accepted in different regions reflected local beliefs and traditions unique to that region. Different Canons reflected different beliefs in other areas. Thus we find great diversity of acceptable or rejected beliefs.
Question: What does this have to say for inspiration in the gathering of a universal Canon believed as given by Yahweh in the New Testament? The fact is that inspiration in gathering the Canon of the New Testament was non-existent!
The many variations in Canons produced very erratic religious practices and inconsistencies. The Roman Catholic leaders felt they had better quickly take action concerning such diversity. They quickly went to work to decide and identify which writings were considered sacred or inspired. This confusion and chaos continued in Christianity for over 300 years. Finally, the official Canon of the Roman Catholic Church was agreed upon in 380 CE, over 240 years after Marcion and 350 years after Yahshua.
Stop and think about this for a moment. It was 350 years after the death of Yahshua before the need arose for a new revelation to replace the revelation given to men by Yahweh at Sinai! Wow! Even after the Roman Catholic Canon was officially closed, new writings continued to appear. The last two books to be admitted to the Roman Catholic Canon were Hebrews and Revelation. The debate over inclusion of Revelation lasted over 600 years, and continues to a large extent even today! The newly created Roman Catholic Canon provided the authority for the Roman Catholic Church to propagate their anti-Yahshua and anti-Israelite doctrines and dogmas. The power of the Roman government gave the Roman Catholic Church the power to deal with those who opposed them. At last the embarrassment could stop, now there was a single Roman Catholic Canon and it would remain the sole authority for the next 700 years. Important questions should be now be asked:
Question: Why didn't Yahweh protect the Canonization of His Word in the New Testament?
Question: Where was the inspiration in selecting books, deleting books, and re-including books hundreds of years later?
Question: Why the conflicts?
Question: Doesn’t Yahweh know what He wants to do?
Question: What about the people who lived and died during these times?
Question: Are they "saved" even though they did not have a New Testament Bible?
Question: Were believers deprived of the Word of Yahweh by organized religion, or worse, given the word of men instead. Were believers lead astray in their worship of Yahweh as they followed a Canon given to them by Roman Catholic Theology which believed in purgatory, infant baptism for salvation, the mediatorship of the Virgin Mary, Mary as the mother of God, Papal infallibility, prayers to the dead, etc.?
Question: What happened to the religion Yahweh gave us, and revealed to us through Yahshua?
Question: How close to the "faith once given to the saints" is your religious belief?
Question: Whose Religious Belief System do we have today in our churches? "Israelism, Hebrew Roots" or "Non-Israelism"?
The anti-Israelite Roman Catholic Church had achieved its goal, it has established itself as "The Absolute Authority" over an Israelite movement whose origins, Canon, and beliefs were of pure Hebrew Roots. Idolatrous non-Israelite men now interpreted for all men a "New Religious Belief System" the foundation of which, WHICH WAS NEVER THEIRS. The long awaited and prophesied Israelite Messianic Movement had now become A non-Israelite replacement theology based on a mixture of truth and pagan lies. The Israelite Messianic Movement of Yahshua was totally "recreated" into becoming a new Roman Catholic Religious Belief System, that was, and still is, in direct opposition to the original Belief System of Yahshua.
Just because you are a Protestant or non-denominational believer you have no right to feel comfortable and insulated from such a tragedy, because you are very likely nothing more than a quasi-Roman Catholic yourself. You have adopted the Roman Catholic replacement Bible as well as their modified Religious Belief System that is a false religious system of the age. How did we get here? There is nothing new under the sun. Let's reiterate:
  1. The Roman Catholic Church reinterpreted the words of the original Canon, the Bible of Yahshua.
  2. They added words to and removed words from the Canon, the Bible of Yahshua.
  3. They rearranged the books of the Canon, the Bible of Yahshua.
  4. They declared that their "new revelation" nullified much of Yahshua's Canon, Bible.
  5. They added their "new revelation" to Yahshua's Canon, Bible.
Upon a little understanding of what we have shared with you is this, a blind man could see the tragic results of such gross errors in judgment and practice of the faith once given to the saints. Just look realistically at modern Christianity today (Roman Catholic or Protestant). Just look at the conditions of most Christian communities in the world or America. It should not take you long to notice that something is desperately wrong with the fruit of such a religious folly.
The united States of America is known as the Christian center of the world. In the united States of America there are more Christians, more churches, more priests and preachers, and more money spent promoting Christianity, than any other place in the world. We, like Yahshua, should expect to find good fruit when we examine our "olive tree." But what do we find? The USA is no longer known for its righteousness, but rather for its huge consumption of illegal and legally promoted mood altering drugs, alcoholism, suicides, greed, fraud, immorality, exploding divorce rates, terrific numbers of fatherless children, governmental and political corruption, child abuse, homosexuality, incest, murder, theft, rape, and now since Iraq, for attacking other sovereign countries that pose no direct threat to us.
Question: Why does America today look like Sodom, yet there is a church on every corner and the message of the non-Israelite Church fills the airways and our television sets?
There sure is a lot of Yahweh's so called "word" being broadcast, but is it really His Word?
Question: Maybe instead of it being Yahweh's Word as found in the Bible Yahshua used, can you see that it may instead be a collection of words that took 1000 years to be established by the Roman Catholic Church, and that was intended to function as a "replacement word" and "another Gospel" in order to nullify the Bible Yahshua used?
Question: Could this possibly be a contributing factor to the mess we finds ourselves in today?
Let's get real for a moment. You can tell somewhat if the "Standard" you have been given by the non-Israelite Church is working or not, by looking at the relationship many Christians have with their spouses, their children, the quality of life they have, the morality their children have, the quality of life that other believers have with whom you fellowship, and the quality of life people live within your own community.
Question: If Christianity returned to the original Canon of Yahshua, and followed it, would the faith and teachings of Yahshua from his Canon affect the moral and ethical conditions of America and of the world more than the man-made Canon of the Roman Catholic Church?
Question: Do we continue to hear messages of grace instead of obedience and faithfulness to the Commandments, getting more faith in order to get more from Yahweh, do we give to get? The fact is the truth has always been in the Bible Yahshua used.
Question: Do We Throw Out Our entire New Testament? Absolutely not! Contained within the pages of our New Testaments are living words given to us by Yahweh, through the person of Yahshua, and many historical events. However, along with many "trustworthy words" are "words of deception" from man's additions, deletions, changes, miss-translations, and hidden agendas, that are intended to remove us not only from the Bible Yahshua used but his religious belief system as well. New non-Israelites who came to Messiah in the first century were called Yahweh-Fearers (Acts 9.) and accepted the Torah, were immersed as a sign of renewal and commitment, to obeyed the Law of Noah as correctly taught by Yahshua and as also given by the Apostle James (who headed up the original Messianic Movement of Yahshua) in Jerusalem.
Divorcing the Assembly from its Hebrew Root heritage has caused many of the problems facing us today. If every Christian would return to the original teachings and Religious Belief System of Yahshua, many of our problems, both individually and corporately, would be corrected. We need to return to our Israelite Roots, those of Messiah's faith and discern the parts of the Greek New Testament, which are placed there with the intent of deception and that are removing us from the true faith (the Israelite Sinai Religion) of Yahshua. We need our Greek New Testament to accomplish this monumental task, using known history and the teachings of Yahshua. But, we must constantly remember that the words in our Greek New Testament were copied, transmitted, edited, translated, and re-defined by people who had very specific agendas and beliefs, in order to replace the Hebrew Messianic version of true "Israelism" with a purely separated non-Israelite mixture of paganism.
We must never forget that the Roman Catholic model for Protestantism today is a creation of Romans and non-Israelites, which was forced under threat death on the entire "Roman world empire" that was controlled by the pagan Emperor Constantine, and not by an Israelite named Yahshua! Let us never forget that many churches of today, unless they are following a return to the true religion of Yahshua, are far off the track. Please consider joining other Israelites, who have dedicated their lives to rediscovering the Hebrew Israelite Yahshua, so that we can look at his words and the words of the Bible through his eyes and truly then again have "the mind of Messiah." If you haven't thought about it, to have the "mind of Messiah" is to have the same mind, will, emotions, attitudes, concepts, conduct, and beliefs of the prophet to Israel, a man named Yahshua. It is an Israelite mindset, not a Pagan Greek Roman mindset.
It is not too late if we seriously confront the issues addressed and repent when shown and proven of our errors and mistakes.
First, we must make a return to Yahshua's Bible (the Tanakh), as the foundation for our belief system, and our measuring stick. We must use the Tanakh as the foundation, the canon under which we must find the principles to judge any "new relations." The Tanakh must be the basis for our evaluation. The Torah had primary authority for all men and still does in many areas. Yahweh spoke it to man through His appointed prophets, as recorded throughout the Hebrew Scriptures! That claim is not ever made by any of the known writers of the Greek New Testament.
Second, we must arrive at an understanding concerning how to arrive at the correct interpretation of the words found in the Hebrew Scriptures now commonly called the Old Testament. Since all the writers were most likely Hebrew, it stands to reason that for the correct interpretation of what the words meant originally we need to trace their meanings back to the Ancient Hebrew, using all available resources. We must learn to study and become experts in using the resources that Yahweh has given us today to help us "rightly (interpret) the Word of Truth" or find those that are willing to help us in our quest to discover the truth for ourselves.
Third, we must rid ourselves of anti-Israelism inherent in many Christians because of the negative influences from the non-Israelite church that has rejected its Hebraic heritage for over 1700 years. Yahshua was an Israelite (of the tribe of Yahudah) and we must look at the words found in the "Israelite" Scriptures through his eyes and not be afraid to admit our errors. Is it not high time for you to return to the original faith and belief of Yahshua by following his teachings, and his Bible?
If you thought you were a follower of Yahshua Messiah... Maybe you had better look again!

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