The King, and war in Iraq
The King, and war in Iraq

The following is a fictional story of sin, and punishment

The anger of the Almighty G-d blazed out against the United States for their disobedience and their violations of His Commandments, and because all of their society had become filled with all forms of wickedness. Because of this G-d incited the King of the United States into starting an unprovoked war against the head-of-state scoundrel of Iraq (the result of which would be used to bring punishment upon the people of the United States). The King said to the Senior Army Officers who were with him, go throughout the United States and select a Fighting Force from coast to coast and make ready for war with the scoundrel in Iraq. But the Senior Army Officers thought the better, and they said to the King, G-d will keep the United States strong and will restore His favor to us if we obey His Commandments and repent from all of our wrong doings, so why start a war with Iraq? Why are you so set to do this foolish thing? But the King enforced his order on the Senior Officers, and obeying the King, they went out to make ready for war against the scoundrel in Iraq. They went to the Middle East and attempted to make compacts with the surrounding nations of Iraq. When that did not work they bribed the neighboring countries of Iraq so they could encamp their Army and their military equipment. Then they went ahead and prepared all their mighty forces for war.

When all his forces were thought to be ready, the King started his war. But, very soon the King's heart misgave him for having started a foolish war against Iraq (for never before had the United States initiated an attack on another sovereign nation that posed no real threat against them). The King came to his senses and said to himself, I have committed a grave error! But it was too late, the error was committed, and the war started. The King said to G-d, "But now, G-d, I beg you to forgive me for this fault and error in judgement. I have been very foolish to start this war." But when the King got up the next morning, the following message had come from G-d to the King's Spiritual Adviser. Go and say to the King, that G-d says this: "I offer you three things, choose one of them for me to do to you." So the Spiritual Adviser went to the King and told him - here are your choices....: Are three years of famine to come on you and your country, or will you flee for three months before a pursuing enemy, or would you rather have three days of pestilence in your country? Now think about this and decide how I am to answer him who sends me! The King said to his spiritual adviser, "This is a hard choice, but let us rather fall into the power of G-d since his mercy is great, and not into the power of men."

The King chose pestilence on his people rather than an action by G-d on himself.

Therefore G-d sent a great pestilence (Judgement) on the United States from the morning till the appointed three days time and the plague ravaged the people. From coast to coast thousands of people died. The angel of G-d then stretched out his hand toward the Capital City of the United States to destroy it, but G-d thought better of this evil, and he said to the angel who was destroying the people, "it is enough! Now withdraw your hand."

When the King saw the angel who was ravaging the people, he spoke to G-d. "It was I who sinned by declaring war against the scoundrel in Iraq," he said, it was I who did this wicked thing. But these, the people of the United States, what have they done?"

The Moral of this story?

Yes, the people did nothing, but they should have! They should have repented for their disobedience and their violations against G-d's commandments, and the sin of their fathers, the sins and the wickedness of their country, and of their leaders and again become obedient to the Covenant and Scriptural Laws of G-d (Leviticus 26). Then, and only then can they again become a blessed nation (Leviticus 26:40-46), rather than a nation looked upon with hatred by the people of the world. .

War casualties to date!
Is this the cost of sin?

The above story is pure fiction. Can it be used as a modern day allegory based on past historical events?
You decide!

Please read the Historical event recorded in II Samuel 24, also in I Chronicles 21, next.

The historical setting of II Samuel 24:

Ancient Historical Israel as a Nation was deep in sin; they were violating the covenants of Yahweh (Leviticus 26) which had severe consequences. Yahweh had enough of this sinfulness and He incites King David to take a census of the people (which was a violation of the law). Yahweh intends to punish Israel 'through' this act of disobedience committed by King David. In this instance Yahweh was satan (an adversary) against King David (read I Chronicles 21:1). David had a choice, he could have listened to his Advisors, but even though David's Advisers warned him not to commit this act, David did it anyway.

Shortly after David received the census he felt remorse for what he had done and he asked Yahweh for forgiveness (Samuel 24:10). But it was too late, the sinful act was done, now the penalty (on Israel) was to come. David was given three choices, 1. Three years of famine on the Nation, 2. three months of fleeing before his enemy, or 3. three days of pestilence throughout the country. David chooses the pestilence. David's act of disobedience (instigated by Yahweh) causes the death of 70,000 Israelites. Yahweh's will was done and Israel was punished for their sin. And so, Yahweh punished Israel for their sin through the disobedience of Israel's ruler King David.

The connection

North America and the United States is now a homeland of True Israel. The United States contains the Nation among the Nations, the Caucasian Christian Anglo-Saxon Ancestors of True Israel of the Diaspora. The United States is in violation of the Covenant, their President is their De-Facto King. How much will the actions of their King by war in Iraq result in the punishment of a pestilence on the United States? How many people will have to die, and for how long will this war last? Will G-d use the actions of the King of the United States to bring about this punishment as he did with King David? Will history repeat? Or, will 'True Israel' in America repent?

Presented for aletheia, by the Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade