The G-dhead Trinity Mystery, (or is it)?

This article is not intended to provide 'all there is to know' about the Almighty Sovereign Celestial Creator Being, whose proper Name is YHWH (Yahweh), in one short article. All that we can learn about Yahweh in this life is but a tiny bit of the reality, which we will come to know about Him during the enjoyment of age-lasting (eonian) life. In fact, the Greek writings say, "And this is the age-lasting (eonian) life, that they should know (with experience) You, the only true Mighty One (Yahweh), and Yahshua (J_sus) Messiah (Christ) Whom You (Yahweh) have sent." (John 17:3).

The word "G-dhead" is a man-made phrase; it is not a Scriptural (Hebrew or Greek) phrase. As is, the word 'G-d', is a pagan (Canaanite) derivative from 'Gad,' 'God', or 'Gawd' (meaning good luck, or fortune).

Because many of today's modern Christian assumptions about this important "G-dhead" subject are so lacking, and full of error, it is of extreme importance for those who would like to believe Yahweh and not men, to have a correct knowledge of what He, Yahweh, reveals in His written word for our understanding and instruction. After all, the purpose of Yahweh's revelation, both the recorded written word, and that recorded in nature must be to REVEAL, and He does not do this by putting in His written record, or placing in the natural record, things to deceive, or things which we are not supposed to understand.

True, there are many areas about which the Scriptures are silent, and which nature does not reveal, but then, this maybe for the exact purpose "not" for us to understand. But, the infinite value of these same Scriptures still lies in the fact that they are a revelation, and one which will constantly lead us to truth through our diligent research. Many Christians' labor under the impression that we now know everything, and the only thing left is to learn the various Doctrines by heart, and not deviating from that which is taught by their Pastors. But the sad fact is that this is far from true. However, The "G-d-head" mystery is a Doctrine so mysterious, and pagan, that it is far removed from reasonable thought. It is a mysterious product of minds which have evolved fantastic doctrines, but these unfortunate fantastic doctrines are simply not found in the plain outline or teaching of the Hebrew Scriptures or the Greek writings. In fact, many of these fantastic doctrines derive from pagan sources and are strictly condemned by Scripture.

For anyone to hold any doubt about the so-called "doctrine of the Trinity" is regarded by many as a great heresy in most modern Christian Churches, yet the word Trinity appears nowhere in Scripture. The doctrine understanding of the 'Christian' Trinity, can be fairly stated in these words: There is only one G-d, but there are three persons who are called G-d, and they are described as Father, Son and Holy (Set-Apart) Spirit. Therefore these three persons together, are the one G-d.

Yet, the Scriptures teach in no uncertain terms that there is but ONE ELOHIM (G-d), whose Name is YAHWEH (Deut. 6:4; Isa. 44:6, 45:5). The fact is that the Scriptures do NOT teach that there are three PERSONS who are called G-d. In fact, the Scriptures never uses the word PERSONS in speaking of the relationship between Yahweh (who is a Spirit being), and His begotten Son who is a physical being. That an unscriptural term PERSON is used, to contribute and to develop this pagan trinity doctrine is a sure sign that something is erroneous. Yahweh, the Almighty Sovereign Creator does, and is very able to express Himself without mans extended help.

We should be very grateful that Yahweh never asks us to torture our minds by trying to reason that One is Three, and Three are not really Three but actually only One. No direct statement of Scripture can be produced to teach the doctrine of the Trinity. Every statement in Scripture used by Trinitarians in their attempt to support the doctrine of the trinity, must all be "deduced," "inferred," or "implied," which is a very poor and dangerous procedure to use to translate Scripture. To translate Scripture with a preconceived concept and doctrine, such as the trinity, is an almost certain way to produce error. If a Scripture can be found which speaks of Three Persons who together comprise a 'Triune Yahweh', then our faith would have to accept it, and we would leave it to Yahweh to explain something that our finite mind can never understand. Lacking such a Scripture, we will not spend much time in the word games of theologians, Pastors or powerful church leaders. Instead, the question to the answer is, what do the Scriptures really teach regarding the relationship between Father, Son and Set-Apart Spirit?

First, we are told in various Greek writings, that Yahweh is Spirit (John 4:24) is light (1 John 1:5) whom no man can approach (1 Tim. 6:16) whom no man has seen (1 John 4:12). He is therefore outside the range of our manly physical senses and in fact, can not be seen, and has never been seen (1 John 1:18). About His Son we are told that He is the Image of Yahweh, portraying Yahweh who is invisible, not in a physical form. The Son reveals the Father (His character, His attributes). This indwelling, of the Father's Spirit in the Son, makes the Father Yahweh visible and audible, and in control of the physical body of the Son. If Yahweh wishes to appear before the eyes of men (He who dwells in unapproachable light), or if Yahweh wishes to speak words which men can understand, He did so in past times through His messengers the prophets, and does so at the last days by His Son.
Scripture tells us that Yahweh is "the Elohim (G-d) and Father of our Master Yahshua Messiah"; in other words, Yahweh maintains a relationship to Messiah which is different from that which Messiah has to Him, He is Messiahs Father and His Elohim (Mighty One). And according to Yahshua, Yahweh "sent" Him, which proves that the Son is not "The" Celestial Being--if He were He could not be "sent." This effectively disposes of the Trinitarian doctrine that "all three 'persons' are co-equal," for no Son is equal with the father who produced him, and who commissions him to do certain work. Yahshua Messiah is the embodiment of Yahweh's revelation; always it is His Father, and always His Fathers will, and only His Fathers will that he reveals, never Himself (John 5:19). In doing so He (Yahshua) becomes Elohim (mighty one) to us, the only Elohim (mighty one) we can ever see--the fully filled complement of the Celestial Almighty Creator spirit Being Yahweh. This makes Him entitled to reverence and honor due to the Father, Whom He, the Son, reveals and in whose name and power He comes, as the only begotten 'firstborn' Son, the heir who has been given the Kingdom of Israel, and the judgment (Rom. 2:16; John 5:22,27), and the authority (Matt. 28:18; Eph. 1:21-23).

He makes the claim that "I and my Father are One," but this does not mean that they are one and the same being, or that they are both Yahweh (G-d)? They are one in all that They do, one in unity, one in thought, and one in purpose, one in direction, as Yahshua constantly asserted when He was upon this earth. The Fathers will, not His own, was His delight, and the works that He did were His Fathers also. (John 5:19; 7:16). He prayed that His disciples might all be one "even as Thou, 0 Father art in Me, and I in Thee," but even the most twisted theology can not make this prayer mean that He wanted them made into one "being," despite the fact that the Master Yahshua requested that the disciples might be "one, even as we are one." This scripture alone should be sufficient enough to prove the meaning of "oneness" as our Messiah intended it to be understood. If Yahshua Messiah is identical with the Absolute Almighty Creator Being Yahweh, He could not have made this prayer, or any other, for there cannot possibly be anyone superior to the Father, to whom a prayer could be offered.

Yahshua Messiah always gloried in the fact that His authority was given to Him, and that all whom He saves are "given" to Him (John 6:37), and His words are full of references to His having been sent to do works which were not His own, but the works of Him that sent Him (John 5:19). There are many instances, which might be cited to show the unity between Yahshua Messiah and His Elohim (The Almighty Creator spirit Being), and also many to show the contrasts between them. But, nowhere is there any evidence to support the idea that they are two "beings" of a mythical "G-dhead", of equal power and identical personality. The Trinitarian doctrine goes even further in trying to make a third "Person" out of the Set-Apart (Holy) Spirit and into a separate "personality" from Yahweh, which is at the same time identically one with Him. We have many references in Scripture to "the spirit of Messiah," and also "to our own spirit" (1 Cor. 2:10-12) so, if this foolish line of reasoning is to be followed we might as well make the point, that Messiah's spirit is a separate "person" from Messiah, and our spirit is a separate "person" from us. After all, this is exactly what Trinitarians are saying, when they say that the "Holy Spirit" is a separate "person" from Yahweh, The Almighty Creator Being (who Himself IS spirit). How sad, how foolish can one get?

In the book of Genesis, Yahweh says "Let us make man in our image," and these words have been made an excuse for surmising that He is addressing other Elohim (or Mighty Beings), or a plurality of G-ds who are also Himself. If the King addresses His ministers or messengers as "we," or the Editor of a paper refers in his editorial to "we," does this endow them with split personalities and make them into "plurals"?

It is always a breath of fresh air, to remove oneself from the so-called know-it-all theologians and look at the Scripture. If we seek true understanding of these matters, we will find the articles of our faith clearly written in the Scriptures. In I Corinthians 8:5-6, we read:

"For even if there are so-called mighty ones, whether in heaven or on earth - as there are many mighty ones and many masters - for us there is ONE ELOHIM, (YAHWEH) THE FATHER, from Whom all came and for Whom we live, and ONE MASTER YAHSHUA MESSIAH, through Whom all came, and through Whom we live." Not any mention of the so-called third person spirit!

This would appear to be clear, concise, and self-explanatory passage of the Scriptures, as distinct from any theological doctrine.

The Mohammedians have a trinity of mediators, for they canonize Moses, Yahshua and Mohammed. They acknowledge a trinity of prophets. Christianity recognizes the unity of three "persons," the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and canonizes G-d as a trinity.

But the Scriptures repudiate both these trinities.


For us there is ONE ELOHIM, (YAHWEH) THE FATHER, from Whom all came and for Whom we live, and ONE MASTER YAHSHUA MESSIAH, through Whom all came, and through Whom we live." The Son is the channel, and the revelation of Yahweh, which was the earthly tabernacle (dwelling place) of the Father, but He is not Yahweh, the Father, and not the source, or the Creator. The Spirit is not a distinct personality from Yahweh Himself, or the third person of a trinity, for Yahweh Himself IS Spirit. "Spirit" is the essence and the power of who Yahweh is, and apart from His Set-Apart Spirit Yahweh would not exist. Yahshua came, that he might build a new dwelling place for Yahweh (a new tabernacle) in the physical body of each believer, the collective Assembly of True Israel, (who are the spiritual body of Messiah) the final tabernacle of the Almighty Creator spirit Being Yahweh.

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